Charles Koch asks if Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is single. “She has a lot to teach me about climate change,” he says. “Plus, she’s hot.”

Actress Betty White named Honorary Forest Service Ranger as CHARLES KOCH, disguised as Smokey the Bear, looks on. Koch used the eremony at the Kennedy Center for the performing Arts as an opportunity to start mending fences with Hollywood over his multi-decades effort to make the planet uninhabitable. / U.S. Forest Service photo by Karl Perry

You Can Learn To Pick a Lock Faster Than Apple Will Give You Back Access To Your I-Cloud Account

The super cool new Apple logo. If only its customer service were this cool.

“If Marjorie Taylor Greene had used Stalin instead of Hitler for her analogy about wearing masks, I think she would have found a more receptive audience.” — Republican Member of Congress

Photo — Chelms Varthoumlien, Unsplash

The Media and House Managers have both claimed we “almost lost our democracy,” but no one has explained how. This is how.

Photo by Nick Fewing on Unsplash

Bret O'Connor Plate

Inventor of Dark Matter. From time to time I may, when I can pull myself away from running the invisible Universe, write something.

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